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Why Focus on Transmission Repair?

AAMCO is the world leader for transmission repair, a status that will enable the company to win customers for life as it expands into Total Car Care

More than 45 million Americans have come to AAMCO for transmission work since we opened our doors in 1962; our expertise in fixing the most complicated part of a car has made AAMCO the nation’s leading brand for transmission repair — recognized and respected around the world.


Because transmission repair is significantly more expensive than other services in the automotive repair aftermarket, AAMCO franchise owners can focus on fewer transactions and still maintain the ability to generate significant revenue. That’s a revenue stream our competitors can’t offer, and it makes it easier for our franchise owners to keep their businesses thriving.

Redefining transmission repair in the 21st century

Mechanics work for years to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to repair transmissions. Transmissions are complex, and that complexity is one of the reasons AAMCO has dominated the industry. Nobody could match us. That’s still true, and we are taking steps to keep it that way. When franchisees visit our facilities in Newnan, Georgia, they see two of the linchpins of our strategy — our transmission remanufacturing facility and AAMCO University. Here’s why they’re important:

As America has shifted away from blue collar jobs, it has become harder to find experienced workers who know how to express their brilliance with their hands. AAMCO University allows us to train franchisees and their employees, as well as employees of the remanufacturing plant. The remanufacturing facility allows us to maintain a large team of trained transmission builders and provide them education and state-of-the-art tools. Before we opened the remanufacturing facility, our AAMCO franchise owners had to hire an in-store builder, a specialist whose knowledge demands a high salary and who can be difficult to find. Our facility takes that burden off of the franchise owner by employing a staff of professionals who are experts in fixing even the most complicated transmissions.

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Together, AAMCO University and GPS provide franchisees incredible access to training for themselves and their staff, as well as a labor resource they can rely on for fixing transmissions.

Why two streams of revenue offer the best of both worlds

At AAMCO, we have the best of both worlds: Our status as the go-to brand for transmission repair brings us customers who need specialized services. Our expansion into Total Car Care then allows us to provide for the entirety of those customers’ auto repair needs. You don’t have to sell too many transmissions, at a typical price of $2,500 each, to bring in strong revenue; but those big ticket sales aren’t nearly as common as other, less expensive services. Oil changes, brake jobs and air conditioning repair may not cost as much as a transmission, but the spending adds up. Customers spend about $54,000 over their lifetimes on vehicle repair and maintenance. That total represents a massive opportunity for AAMCO franchisees. AAMCO’s business model allows you to get the big ticket sale while also capturing the abundance of smaller opportunities. If transmission sales are like big game hunting, then Total Car Care is like fishing in a well-stocked pond.

“The automotive industry is a very attractive sector, due to the significant market size and the need for consumers to keep their vehicles operational. The car is usually the largest investment a consumer makes in their lifetime, behind their house, and given the nature of that investment, they are committed to ensuring that vehicle is repaired and maintained properly,” says Jim Gregory, CEO and President of AAMCO. “There are more vehicles on the road today than there ever have been, and in aggregate, consumers are driving more today than they ever have. This bodes extremely well for the automotive aftermarket and for great brands like AAMCO that are able to capitalize on consumers who are driving more. When you couple that with the fact that cars are becoming more complex, AAMCO is well-positioned for future success. We have invested significantly in training to support our technicians, center managers and owners, which certainly allows us to capitalize on solving consumers’ vehicle problems and the growth in our industry.”

AAMCO has captured the public imagination for 50 years with the quality of our services. We are focused on expanding the relationship our AAMCO franchise owners have with their customers by providing a great experience from the get-go. We have installed touch-screen platforms in all of our locations to measure how customers feel about the service provided. This sets our franchisees up with a measurable system for quality control and a safeguard against negative online reviews. If we are successful in building trust with a customer, we will have that customer, and their friends and family, for life.



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