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What Services Do We Provide?

The industry leader for transmission repair is quickly becoming a leader in Total Car Care

One of the great things about AAMCO is that we are widely known for being the leader in repairing transmissions. Since we opened our doors in 1962, more than 45 million Americans have come to us for transmission work. As a result of our 50-year legacy of expertise in the field, we have become the nation’s leading brand for fixing the most complicated part of a car.

We exclusively repaired transmissions up until 2004, and transmission work still makes up 65% of our business revenue. But since expanding our services to include Total Car Care, we are beginning to experience a sea of change. In 2016, 66% of our customers visited us for Total Car Care, and we expect that number to rise as we continue to advertise in national and local markets.

Auto franchise opportunities: Evolving how we handle transmissions

It’s almost impossible to overstate the value that our 200,000-square-foot transmission remanufacturing facility delivers to franchisees. It gives franchisees immediate access to a vertically integrated supply chain with preferred pricing on remanufactured transmissions. This gives AAMCO owners the flexibility to send transmissions to us and order replacements rather than repair transmissions inside their centers. The result is better warranties, better average performance of remanufactured transmissions, faster turnaround times for customers, and the ability for franchisees to invest their labor dollars on certified technicians instead of transmission rebuilders — a less expensive labor option that allows them to build up their Total Car Care business.

Global Powertrain Systems (GPS) also eliminates the challenge of finding a transmission rebuilder and time delays when a rebuilder is unavailable to work on vehicles. At GPS, we have hundreds of trained rebuilders, and sophisticated tools for measuring transmission performance and making precise adjustments to ensure quality. Some franchisees have used GPS to eliminate the need to have their own builders on staff. Others use it as a way to add repair capacity when their shop is busy.

Total Car Care

Our automotive repair franchise offers expertise in Total Car Care that is equivalent to the level of service in dealerships, only we do it cheaper. Here’s a look at what we offer customers:

Routine maintenance: When the check engine light comes on, we encourage our customers to turn to AAMCO to have it checked out — free of charge. We offer this service to get customers into our stores to see our honesty and expertise firsthand. We also offer a Multi-Point Inspection with every customer service, to provide a thorough review of all major vehicle systems and check to make sure customers are up to date on factory-recommended maintenance. In addition, we provide free brake inspection, with expert AAMCO technicians examining the entire braking system — pads/shoes, hydraulic fluids, rotor/drum wear, calipers and wheel cylinders, brake hardware, hoses and lines, master cylinder, and the anti-lock system for vehicles that are so equipped.

Inside our automotive repair franchise

Factory-recommended maintenance: Automotive manufacturers know that a well-maintained car, truck, or SUV increases owner satisfaction because the vehicle is more dependable and will last longer. That’s why the manufacturer (“factory”) creates detailed maintenance schedules outlining specific services to be performed on the automobile’s components and systems — to ensure proper operation and prevent premature wear. Most customers usually get factory-recommended maintenance at their dealership while their vehicles are under warranty, but AAMCO has invested significantly in the technology, training, and support necessary to win this business: We know cars like a dealer knows cars, but we service them for less!

Repairs: You name it, we can do it. We offer the AAMCO Tune-up service, which includes inspecting and adjusting all vehicle systems that contribute to efficient fuel combustion. We also can fix any issues with auto air conditioning systems, radiators, cooling systems, exhausts, and of course, transmissions!

At AAMCO, we have the best of both worlds: Our status as the go-to brand for transmission repair earns us the opportunity to provide customers with Total Car Care for a lifetime. The average customer ticket for service with AAMCO is $855, and our company research puts the lifetime value of a customer at over $54,000. If the customer has two vehicles per household, that value doubles. By leveraging our expertise in transmissions into Total Car Care, every customer is going to be worth much more to our franchisees — we will develop lifetime customer relationships instead of performing one-time transactions.


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