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Do I Have to Be a Mechanic to Own an AAMCO Franchise?

AAMCO franchise owners do not need previous automotive experience, only good business skills and a passion for their communities

To own an AAMCO franchise today, you don’t necessarily need a background in automotive repair. We want to partner with good business people who are passionate and committed to taking care of customers. Once the decision is made to become an AAMCO franchise owner, we provide a tremendous amount of coaching and training to prepare our owners to be successful in their new businesses.

Some of our training is designed to help familiarize you with automotive repair, but that’s not where our energy is focused with owners. We provide a tremendous array of mechanical training resources to your employees, but franchisee training is focused on building teams, managing the business and winning customers. As an AAMCO owner, your job isn’t to build transmissions; it’s to build teams of employees who work together and leverage their own individual expertise to serve customers. Your job is also to know about the many resources that AAMCO makes available and help your team take advantage of those resources. For instance, is your team stumped by a tricky repair issue? Using our support systems, you can initiate a video feed with our expert technician support team in Philadelphia, instantly gaining access to an amazing depth of experience and know-how. You can also send your technicians, transmission rebuilders and diagnosticians to AAMCO University, near Atlanta, where they can improve their skills at our state-of-the-art training facility.

Your role in the business

You’ll spend time at AAMCO University, too, once you become a franchisee. You’ll learn about customer care, key performance indicators for your business, growth strategies, quality control, building and leveraging community contacts, and leadership. Multi-unit owners also learn strategies for managing multiple locations and optimizing results within a market. You’ll learn more about the resources available to help you run your business — much more than what is outlined on this website. Will you learn the ins-and-outs of transmission repair, radiator fluid exchanges and A/C systems? No, because you’ll be the owner, not the mechanic, in your business.

“At AAMCO, we are looking for franchisees that will help us write the next chapter in our great brand’s 50+ year history, and we are very attracted to franchisees who are very engaged in their business and building great teams,” says Jim Gregory, CEO of AAMCO. “We want owners who are very passionate about taking care of customers and building great teams in their centers, that share this same passion. We are an automotive repair business; however, we are also a consumer retail business — which means our customers have to have a positive experience with us every time they visit.”

Advanced CSM class-2015

What background is important?

AAMCO wants franchise owners who want to build businesses that make a difference in their communities. Do you love meeting and serving people? Do you like helping people even when they are stressed and making things better for them? Then you have the right background. We recommend that our owners become involved in associations and activities to bring that brand commitment to life at a local level. Our owners are part of the national brand, but they also need to be the ambassadors of the brand in the places where they run their businesses.

“At the end of the day, people want to do business with other people,” Jim says. “The AAMCO brand is very much a part of the neighborhoods in the communities that we serve, and we want franchisees that are plugged in and extremely involved in taking care of those communities.  We want the AAMCO brand and our franchisees to be a valued part of the neighborhoods in which we serve.”

AAMCO is a great franchise for veterans

AAMCO is a great company with strong systems to help franchisees succeed, and we like working with people who know how to follow systems with excellence, how to lead and how to persevere. That’s why we love working with veterans. AAMCO is a longtime supporter of our armed forces, and we have taken aggressive steps to help those veterans who have been there to help us.

  • We currently provide an $8,000 credit to any veteran who purchases a new AAMCO franchise. This is among the highest veteran’s discounts offered in franchising.
  • In addition, as AAMCO is a registered SBA franchise, a veteran may qualify for automatic approval of an SBA loan to help start their business.

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