AAMCO Franchise Reviews

Owners share what they love about running an AAMCO franchise

We have incredible franchise owners. Our partners are engaged and energetic business people from a wide variety of backgrounds. We do everything we can to ensure that our franchise owners are successful, because when they are successful, so are we. Here’s what our franchisees have to say about their partnership with us:

Frank Filacchione, Franchise Owner

1 AAMCO Center | Florida

“The franchise has taught me how to create customers from telephone calls,” Filacchione says. “People can’t just walk into a dealership and say, “I’ll take that one”. They have to fix what they have. And then the value of getting it fixed correctly, and getting it fixed by someone who will be there the next day if something goes wrong. There’s a lot of value to that, and they search it out.”

KJ Singh, Franchise Owner

1 AAMCO Center | Pennsylvania

“Cars are getting more complicated every day,” Singh says, “and AAMCO has the reputation of being the specialist for complex jobs on a transmission. So, when people trust us with their transmission, it’s an easy transition for us to do a total car care and be their specialist for everything else.”

Wayne Martella, Multi-center Franchise Owner

3 AAMCO Centers | Arizona

“What I like about AAMCO and the transmission business is that as cars evolve, any power that happens in the car has to go through transmission to the tires to make the cars go,” Martella says. “I will always have cars to fix. To make the wheels turn, there has to be a transmission involved, and that’s us.”

Sherri Underland, AAMCO Franchise Owner

1 AAMCO Center | Levittown, Pennsylvania

“I had never considered owning an AAMCO franchise before, but I saw it as a great thing,” Underland says. “Especially now that we have the remanufacturing facility and can send our transmission repair work to AAMCO, it has become pretty easy to manage. We are saving a salary in not having to employ a builder, as well as keeping ourselves from challenges of maintaining a specialized workforce. We also don’t have to worry when new transmissions come out if your builder has ever worked on one before.”

Lou Fizzarotti, AAMCO Franchise Owner

1 AAMCO Center | Jersey City, New Jersey

“It’s definitely a great business,” Fizzarotti says. “With the new management team, with AAMCO University, and with our remanufacturing facility, we’re going to have a bright future. AAMCO always has a lot of training. They have business seminars and center manager schools. That’s how I was able to go from a high school graduate to a pretty sharp businessman, if I do say so myself.”

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