A Day In The Life

Longtime AAMCO franchise owner opens up about what life at AAMCO has meant to him and his family

Lou Fizzarotti has always been driven to hold a position of authority. From an early age, he wanted to own an auto repair business, and he achieved that goal in 1979 when he purchased an existing AAMCO in Jersey City, New Jersey. In the first 90 days, he recorded more sales than the store had reported for the entire previous fiscal year.  Fizzarotti didn’t stop there — he’s constantly working on improving his brand, and he has spent 35 years as one of the leading performers in the AAMCO system.

“The brand has been good to me,” he says. “As an owner, you get out what you put in, and I am very content with where we are. We’ve done very well.” Fizzarotti has seen a lot from his Jersey City auto repair shop over the years — personally and professionally. He’s witnessed the rise of AAMCO as a national brand. He is married and has raised two sons — both of whom are in their 30s with children of their own. He’s watched his customers’ children grow up, and he’s seen the neighborhood around his shop change more times than he can count.

AAMCO is a family and can provide a great life for your family

Fizzarotti still loves going to work.

“For me, coming to work is fun, which a lot of people don’t understand,” he says. “I have slowed down somewhat, though. We bought our retirement home on the Jersey Shore a few years ago, and we go down there every weekend. The backyard is full of toys for the grandchildren. It keeps the family together.”

His dedication to the business is inspiring to his staff — which he commonly calls his family — the majority of whom have been with him for several years.

The importance of family is central to Fizzarotti’s life. His wife of 35 years, Ruth, is the bookkeeper, and she says that working together has had a positive impact on their relationship.

“I understand what he goes through on a daily basis,” Ruth Fizzarotti says. “I understand what’s going on in his life, unlike if I were not here working alongside him.” His is philosophy of “getting out what you put in” as an AAMCO owner has paid off in spades. Fizzarotti’s advice to new and future AAMCO franchise owners is equally simple:

“People who are successful in business become unsuccessful in business because they stop doing what it took to become successful,” he says. “The whole secret of staying successful is to keep doing what it took to become successful.”

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